Safety Bathtubs For Seniors

Safety Bathtubs For Seniors


As baby boomers age, they need more than just assistive products. They often need remodeling services to install them as well.

Homeowner spending on repairs and improvements will approach $340 billion in 2023, up 7.5% from 2022.

Walk-in bathtubs, grab bars, and ramps are on the list of amenities that boomers want.

As the Boomer generation ages (they’re 57-75 in 2023), their demand for accessible homes that make their lives easier will rise. Bathing is an imperative part of health care that you may take for granted.

Accessibility is essential in your bathroom.

When you have difficulties moving, the bathtub is a serious obstacle that you must be able to maneuver through in order to be self-reliant and not need assistance. Having access to a comfortable heated seat and a relaxing hot bath is something seniors should consider now. This is before they develop issues that make it difficult for them to bathe. Ella Walk In Baths have luxury features that make this a healthy and rejuvenating experience that you can look forward to each day. They offer heated hydro massage jets that soothe feet and muscle aches or pains that come with aging. For a gentler massage we provide air massage jets. We even offer Infusion™ MicroBubble Therapy for a high-tech skin revitalizing treatment that energizes your skin with millions of tiny oxygenated air bubbles while you are bathing in the tub.

Most older bathrooms were not designed with accessibility in mind because walk-in bathtubs were not available years ago.

Research shows increased demand for specifics like walk-in tubs, ramps and grab bars. It’s important to recognize that those items require considerable remodeling in order to accommodate them. A walk-in tub, for instance, may need a total bathroom remodel to accommodate its increased size. Although Ella’s Bubbles has walk in tub models that will fit most existing bathtub spaces available.

When you are thinking about purchasing a walk in tub, one of the main questions you will need to answer is whether you want an inward or outward swinging door. If you are using a wheelchair, an outward swing door will allow you to slide into the seat easily. Both door types will allow you to effortlessly step into the tub without having to go over a high threshold.

On average, accessibility accommodation remodeling costs $9,000. While this number may vary depending on the home, more people will be doing their own accessibility accommodation remodeling. This is true on both the higher and lower ends of this price range.

Over the next 20 years, walk in tubs may be the new normal style bathtub in every home.

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