We Do What it Takes to Get Walk-in Tubs Installed

walk-in tub install
walk-in tub install
walk-in tub install
walk-in bath install

Walk-in Tub Installation that Works for You

We want to make your walk-in tub installation easy and worry free. But sometimes, tub Installations can be tricky. Not everyone has a doorway or indoor space wide enough to fit one of our Walk-In Tubs. Maybe you’re even worried that a walk-in tub won’t be able to fit through your home, due to sharp corners or limited space, which has made you hesitant to get one. We get it, that’s why we think outside of the box, literally! In this case, although the bathroom was on the second floor, we didn’t let that slow us down. We have fully customizable walk-in bathtubs that can be installed in bathrooms of many different sizes. We work with you to find the walk-in bath that will meet all of your needs and find a way to get it installed without you ever having to worry.

Our client’s needs will always come first. We know how important and life-changing these walk-in tubs are. If you’re worried about how a walk-in bath will fit into your home, we have a variety of different models to suite your needs. Plus, with financing options available, we take the stress out of getting your dream tub.

How will I Know what Tub is For Me?

In our Step-by-Step Guide, you can find out which walk-in tubs would be a good fit for you. Schedule a free consultation to get started on your walk-in tub installation today. Still not sure? Take a look at some of our Recent Projects to get an idea of how a walk-in tub will fit into your bathroom.

Quick Facts

  • Fox Valley Home Services founder has operated 1-3 crews and completed 5-9 installations per week consistently since he began in 2009
  • Fox Valley Home Services offers a larger variety of products and more installation flexibility than all its national competitors.
  • Fox Valley Home Services franchisee pricing allow each franchisee to be in control of its own margins and leverage its pricing as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.