Best decision I made!

The sales lady, was very informative about the tub, got an info packet with the estimate, got 2 other estimates which was a total written on a piece of paper. After only one week of bathing in the Ella tub, I felt a miraculous difference, my feet numbness ceased, my spine feels less pain 4 screws in lumbar spine. I haven’t taken a bath in 28 years, had to take showers with the fear of falling, now I sit in a most comfortable walk in tub. The bubbles you get from adding a bath bomb are almost 2 feet high. There was a concern about my 30 gallon water heater, but I works well with Ella tub. The two double drains empty the tub in just over a minute. Everyone asked me how long do I wait while tub draining and it’s a tad over a minute. So I am so glad I got the Ella tub, it helps immensely with my pain and numbness without the fear of falling standing in a shower. I highly recommend the Ella tub to everyone.

Tamara M.